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Celebrating 19 yrs of business !!

We are a progressive group of stylist

with a innovative outside of the box way of designing color and cuts

In August of 2000 I was searching for a new location , mostly out of desperation .. I had been on a 3 month summer getaway in Greece and returned to a salon that was closed ..

My first reaction was to follow the others that had been misplaced as well ...

But lucky for me I stumbled across this little gem .

Well more like a neglected dark little whole in the wall but I could see the potential ..

Next thing I new I was a salon owner and renovations began..

Now I had a place to call my own with big windows and lots of light..

Sassy was born, now nearly 19 yrs later we are still going strong .. 

We have a 100% price match

As you know online purchasing has changed our world in many ways but we as a small biz must compete .. If you see it listed on any official sites we will match the price

Best of the city

We have been voted best in the city b

by SF gate in 2015 for our services with charity events such as Rocket dog and Locks of love